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Formally established in 2009, Criders Lawn Care began years earlier with a 12 year old boy, a push mower, four customers and a dream. Jacob Crider, founder and owner of Criders Lawn Care, began mowing yards for spending money. Reinvesting in his own business, he bought a riding mower, trimmer, leaf blower and within a couple years, was making more money a week, than most working adults in the Greenup Co. area. Too young to drive, have credit, or even be covered on his own insurance policies, he bought his first truck with money saved.  As other mothers were dropping their sons off at ball practice, Jacob's mother was driving him in that truck, from job to job, as he had expanded beyond walking distance.

In the 10 plus years since, Criders Lawn Care has successfully grown, employing more than a dozen professionally trained field and office employees to care for all your property needs, has a fleet of a dozen vehicles, and the finest and best equipment available. Fully licensed, insured, and trained, Criders Lawn Care is equipped to deal with both residential and commercial jobs.

Jacob, and his wife Micha, reside in Greenup County.

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